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Ride on Line Markers

eROK & Fastliner Ride on Machines

Line Markers that perform the job with the use of powered wheels or utility vehicles.
The environment is at the core of all Fleet (Line Markers) Ltd developments, we are proud of the history we have in manufacturing whilst still maintaining our strict environmental policy. With our world’s natural resources rapidly depleting, Fleet have designed the ultimate environmentally friendly ride on line marker.
This concept in line marking incorporates Fleet’s popular Kombi spray marker and more advanced BeamRider & MAQA line markers. The operator has all the versatility of the spray machines along with additional capacity and the ease of a ride on system.

eROK In Detail

  • Key Features

    50,75,100,120mm line marking width
    Front marking foot
    Retractable side marking arm
    90 amp battery
    48v electrical system
    Electrostatic braking
    Automatic hill brake
    Front mud guards
    Sprung seat for comfort
    Kombi, BeamRider & MAQA compatible
  • General eROK Information

    The e-ROK, a battery powered ride-on line marker, based on the well established Kombi, is a product of Fleet's determination to constantly improve their customer's efficiency.

    This latest innovation can be easily recharged using a standard household socket, The e-ROK's highly efficient power pack dramatically cuts running costs compared to petrol power, while at the same time giving smooth, controlled acceleration and braking.

    At the heart of the e-ROK is a powerful electric motor which significantly reduces noise pollution and vibration. This helps the operator to comfortably use the e-ROK to its maximum potential.

    The central foot enables the driver to mark in the middle allowing for easy line of sight. Side marking is particularly useful when negotiating goal posts.

    Unit price: $12,500.00

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cut out image of erok electric ride on line mrker

Fastliner Ride on Machines

  • Key Features

    50, 75, 100, 120mm line marking width
    150 Litre paint tank
    Seperate water tank
    Side marking
    Unique sliding arm
    Heavy duty pump
    Significantly reduces operational costs
  • Fastliner Information

    The Fastliner ride-on-system offers the customer a number of key advantages. The Fastliner has been developed to cut down marking time which reduces cost. Primarily targeted at the customer with a number of sports fields to mark out, the Fastliner has become a real winner around the world.

    A 150 litre tank is mounted on the back of a utility vehicle or ATV. The paint tank is calibrated in litres and US gallons to help provide accurate mixing and cost control. Mounted on the side of the vehicle is a retracting arm on which the spray assembly is attached. This arm eliminates the need to reverse the vehicle when marking up to and around goal posts. The arm can be extended and retracted to keep the vehicle on the same driveline all the way along the line. The spray head, very importantly is downward facing at all times.

    On the bottom of the retracting arm is the line forming ’ski’. This provides excellent line definition and allows the option to change line widths in seconds.

    The Fastliner ride-on-system uses a bespoke paint called Fastline, supplied in 15 litre drums or 1000 litre multifills, very rain resistant with a high dilution rate.

    Unit price: $4,400.00

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studio picture of fastliner line marking machine