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Paint for Hard Surfaces

Hard Surface Paint Range

Painting hard surfaces used to be something only professionals would tackle

With our water based hard surface paints anyone can zone and spray lines on a variety of hard surfaces including tarmac, asphalt, concrete and many more. Our Hard Surface Coating available in a wide range of colours provides a quick mark for all hard surfaces.

Hard Surface Coating (HSC)

  • Key Features

    Supplied in 1 gallon jugs
    Available in a range of colours
    Can be sprayed, rolled or brushed by hand
    Rain resistant & hard wearing
  • General

    Ideal for car park marking, school play grounds and all hard surface sport lines. Available in a wide range of vibrant, bright colours - white, black, blue, green, red, orange and yellow.
    HSC is used neat straight from the drum, approximately half a gallon of HSC is needed to produce tennis and netball markings

    Nozzle Information For Spraying

    The HSC is best applied through a Green 015 or a Yellow 02 Nozzle tip.
    An 80 degree nozzle should be used for 2" (50mm) lines and a 110o for 3" (75mm) lines and above.


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paint for hard surfaces