"The presentation and definition of Rugby School, is now at its very best, all thanks to the innovative BeamRider."

James Mead - Head Groundsman Rugby School

James Mead

"We are more than happy with our BeamRider; it allows us to mark out with speed and accuracy."

Paul Dilkes - Leicester City Council

Paul Dilkes

"I like to embrace new technology, the BeamRider makes the job quicker, more accurate and really compliments the rest of our hard work. The results we are getting are fantastic."

Paul Burgess - Real Madrid Football Club

Paul Burgess

"The speed of initial marking is greatly improved, giving the team here at Charterhouse school a huge advantage during changeover. We have 16 football fields to mark and 20 hockey pitches, so anything to save time is essential. We also use the BeamRider to mark tennis courts on our synthetic surfaces, saving us any external cost. The BeamRider is quicker, neater and easier!!"

"Its possible to mark as fast in reverse as it is going forwards"

Dave Roberts & Team - Charterhouse School

Charterhouse School

"I have had some young inexperienced staff, who after some basic tuition, can go out and produce professional lines in the same time as myself. I have the comfidence to send any of my staff out to line mark and still be certain to acheive the perfect reults I am looking for at Leicester Grammar School"

Matt Hodgson - Leicester Grammar School

Matt Hodgeson

"The BeamRider gives the ability to produce consistent, straight, quality lines with one person constantly. This aids the level of presentation a school like Merchant Taylors demands."

Richard Ayling - Merchant Taylors School

Richard Ayling