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Line Markers - This is where you will find our range of line marking machines, incorporating the very latest technology.

Pedestrian Markers

Push push push and away we go. A range of markers that work with the use of grounds staff worldwide.

Top Products

The Kombi and Knib is the most widely used and most successful machine that we have designed in our close to 60 year history. A Centre Mounted version or a Side Mounted version is available.


The KI is our latest innovation and is set to change the way we look at line marking, We feel this will be the most revolutionary machine and paint system to hit the market place since we introduced our laser guided system, the BeamRider, in January 2007.


The 3" Arnold has a 3 gallon capacity and is suitable for line marking on natural grass.


Advanced Line Marking

Line marking has been thrust in to the 21st century with the worlds first Laser Guided line Marking System - The BeamRider.

Top Products

The BeamRider CT system has 1 laser transmitter, namely the double transmitter that projects 2 beams preset at a 90o angle.


The BeamRider SX system has 2 laser transmitters, 1 projects a double laser beam preset to a 90o angle and the second unit projects just a single beam.


Ride on Markers

Here at Fleet we believe in being eco friendly and also making light work of the task in hand that's why we developed The EROK, the Ride on Kombi.

Top Products

The e-ROK is a CE Approved, environmentally friendly, electric ride-on marking system.


The Fastliner ride-on line marking concept offers the customer a number of key advantages.