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Spares : Kombi Spares

A full list of Kombi Spares available, so if your machine needs some TLC we have everything to make your machine feel new again.

FASTCOMP2034 - The Brown Nozzle is used in ride on machines.


FASTCOMP2102 - The White Nozzle is mostly used on ride on machines.


FASTCOMP2103 - The Grey Nozzle is used in ride on machines.


KOMBCOMP1105 - The Complete Nozzle Assembly delivers the paint onto the surface being marked. It can be lifted off the Kombi and used for free hand marking such as corner quadrants, penalty spots etc


FASTCOMP2037 - The Yellow Nozzle is mainly used for Tarmac and Hard surfaces for lines at 3 inches or wider.


KOMBCOMP1111 - The Standard Service Kit offers a larger range of useful spares for the Kombi.


KOMBCOMP1015 - The Basic Service Kit offers a range of useful spares for the Kombi.


KOMBCOMP1005 - Heavy duty clear hose.


KOMBCOMP1017 - Replacement diaphragm kit for the head of the pump


KOMBCOMP1018 - The Deluxe Service Kit offers a largest range of useful spares for the Kombi.


KOMBCOMP1020 - R Clip for wheel


KOMBCOMP1021 - Spanner for various caps on the machine


KOMBCOMP1022 - The operating switch (on - off)


KOMBCOMP1023 - Coiled power cable to the switch


KOMBCOMP1024 - The part inside the switch box


KOMBCOMP1026 - Lid for the Kombi line marker.


KOMBCOMP1027 -Filter for the Kombi line marker.


KOMBCOMP1028 - Top section of the handlebars


KOMBCOMP1029 - Bottom section of the handlebars


KOMBCOMP1030 - Push fitting for pipework


KOMBCOMP1031 - Filter inside the tank


KOMBCOMP1032 - Plastic hinge that the bonnet clips too.


KOMBCOMP1033 - Front bonnet lid which encloses the pump section.


KOMBCOMP1034 - Replacement wheel for The Kombi.


KOMBCOMP1036 - Cap located underneath machine


KOMBCOMP1037 - A vented water cap which is found on back tank.


KOMBCOMP1038 - Shows how much charge you have left in the battery.


KOMBCOMP1039 - Replacement battery for the Kombi.


KOMBCOMP1040 - Replacement charger for The Kombi.


KOMBCOMP1041 - Directs the flow to either paint or water.


KOMBCOMP1042 - Replacement pump for The Kombi.


KOMBCOMP1043 - Push fit found in the pump and return tap.


KOMBCOMP1044 - Ball valve found at the very front of the Kombi just inside the bonnet.


KOMBCOMP1045 - The connector found at the very front of the machine.


KOMBCOMP1046 - Snap connector found at the end of the nozzle assembly.


KOMBCOMP1047 - Allows the blue hose to be connected securely.


KOMBCOMP1048 - Sits on the nipple of the standard knib.


KOMBCOMP1049 - The main stem of the nozzle assembly.


KOMBCOMP1050 - Connector from the main stem to the plastic DCV valve.


KOMBCOMP1051 - The Blue Nozzle is the most popular nozzle for grass marking.


KOMBCOMP1052 - The Orange Nozzle mainly used on grass surfaces.


KOMBCOMP1057 - Socket for charging the machine.


UNIVCOMP9004 - Push fit elbow under paint/water tap


UNIVCOMP9005 - PVC Tube 8mm od x 5mm used under neath the bonnet.


UNIVCOMP9006 - Elbow fitting used on the nozzle assembly


UNIVCOMP9008 - Coiled hose used in the Nozzle Assembly.


UNIVCOMP9009 - Tightens the nozzle holder to the brass extension.


UNIVCOMP9010 - Holds the nozzles at the front of the spray head.


UNIVCOMP9012 - A nozzle sits inside and screws to the DCV Valve.


UNIVCOMP9013 - Keeps a firm grip on the machine


UNIVCOMP9014 - Extention piece from the pump


UNIVCOMP9038 - Connects to the handlebar top section.