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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on our machines?

All Fleet Machines come with 1 years Warranty.

I need my order urgently - can you help?

For a reasonable charge, Fleet can use outside carriers to make sure your order is with you ASAP.

How will my order arrive?

We Use a select team of hauliers and carriers to ensure our products reach your door safe and on time.

How frequently should I charge the Kombi battery?

The Kombi battery should be charged after use, do not drain battery completely.

How much paint will I need?

This depends on the surface and pitch being marked, there are many variables, however for a standard soccer field between 5 and 6 diluted gallons should be sufficient, please refer to the individual products for dilution rates.

How much can I dilute my paint?

Fleet paints are highly dilutable up to a ratio of 20:1

Does your paint kill the grass? Do I need to worry about that?

Our paint products, used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, are pretty much harmless. The paint is opaque, & will block some sunlight from getting to the grass, so there may be some slight retardation in turf growth under the paint, and we can not guarantee if you apply lines to stressed turf the grass won't be affected, but we do formulate our products to minimize the impact on grass and turf. Our paint is nearly pH neutral.

Are you guys eco-friendly

Yes. Our paints and marking products are specially formulated to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Our field has a three-foot crown. There's no way your fancy line-of-sight laser will work on my field.

The standard system will cope with most situations, but for the most extreme field contour variations we have a "crown kit" which consists of extensions for the transmitter/receiver and reflector.

Do you have field dimensions available?

You can find the dimensions of the most popular pitches using our pocket marking booklet, this info can also be downloaded from the downloads page.

What is the number for technical support?

Should you require any assistance with any of our products, please call +1 402 987 1115.

What is the number for web technical support?

Should you require any assistance using our online store, please call +1 402 987 1115. Alternatively you can follow instructions on the Support page.