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We manufacture an extensive range of professional line marking machines.


The basis of the Company is paint development and production, but Fleet Line Markers Ltd are also market leaders and innovators in machine production for paint application. The first award winning machine produced by Fleet Line Markers Ltd was the dry marker back in 1968, winning the prestigious Gold Award from the IOG. Many more awards for machinery and paints have followed over the years.

The continued re-investment in research and development has led to innovations such as the Fastliner and the Kombi and Knib both in the 1990's. In 2006 our most revolutionary machine, the BeamRider, was introduced after several years development and almost £3m investment.

Today it is still the ONLY automated laser guided line marking system in the World and has won several further awards globally. When combined with 2 other innovations, the Fastliner system and the e-ROK (electric ride on Kombi), the BeamRider can produce perfect, laser straight lines at speeds up to 25 mph.

Pedestrian Markers


A full range of line markers build to withstand anything ground staff can throw at them. Used widely throughout the World it's no wonder Fleet are the most popular name when it comes to line marking machines for all sports surfaces.


Advanced Line Marking


In 2007 we introduced the line marking industry to a world first.... The BeamRider. Laser guided technology meets our already popular Kombi marker resulting in a machine that reduces time, effort and most importantly money. Since the launch groundsman and contractors the world over have used BeamRider to enhance the job in hand.

For more information please see the dedicated BeamRider site -


Ride On Markers


Whether it's our e-ROK machine with its heavy duty battery or a utility vechicle by any of the well known manufactureres we have a product that will enable you to work faster and still produce world class results.


The Fastliner

The Fastliner ride-on-system offers the customer a number of key advantages. The Fastliner has been developed to cut down marking time which reduces cost. Primarily targeted at the customer with a number of sports fields to mark out, the Fastliner has become a real winner around the world.

A 150 litre tank is mounted on the back of a utility vehicle or ATV. It has a moulded-in scales that helps provide accurate mixing and cost control. Mounted on the side of the vehicle is a patented retracting arm on which the spray assembly is attached. This arm eliminates the need to reverse the vehicle when marking up to and around goal posts. The arm can be extended and retracted to keep the vehicle on the same driveline all the way along the line. The spray head , very importantly is downward facing at all times. On the bottom of the retracting arm is the patented line forming ’ski’. This provides excellent line definition and allows the option to change line widths in seconds.


The Fastliner ride-on-system uses a bespoke paint called Fastline, suplied in 3, 55 & 165 gallon containers, very rain resistant with a high dilution rate for more information on the complete system please call us or click the above image to arrange a demo.


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