About Beamrider

The BeamRider™ laser-guided marking system is the result of a multi-million development programme involving the leading experts in the fields of lasers, optics and sports-marking technology.

Its electronic and optical elements have been developed in conjunction with UK military researchers and optical specialists Leica, with the mechanical components being developed by top Swiss automotive engineers.

The system has taken three years to develop, and has broken new ground in the application of high-level technologies to the more traditional area of sports-marking. In order to achieve millimetre accuracy when marking over the full length of a sports field, only top-quality optical and laser components can be used, and the electronic laser-detection circuitry has been finely tuned to eliminate the effects of spurious reflections and sunlight.

The BeamRider™ system also incorporates the latest intelligent monitoring techniques: specially developed software allows BeamRider™ to be continuously tuned and improved, and self-testing and error-checking routines in the software ensure that any deviations from normal function are immediately reported and corrected.

It will be no surprise that, after this costly and innovative development programme, BeamRider™ has been well protected by numerous patents, and the control software is subject to strict copyright © protection.


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