Welcome to the future of line marking

The BeamRider laser guided line marking system has been developed to raise and establish the standards of line marking for the 21st century. Incorporating laser technology the BeamRider offers precision of line marking never seen before on a sports surface. This new technique makes the line marking operation simple and easy to execute whilst offering a quality of line never seen before. The latest laser technology combined with digital recognition software produce perfectly straight lines and ninety degree angles time after time - and at a fraction of the time compared to the current method of strings.

BeamRider has revolutionised the current initial and overmarking procedures for sport surfaces of all types throughout the world. BeamRider removes any need for strings or 3:4:5's by using laser technology.

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The BeamRider™ laser system makes the marking of perfectly formed, straight lines effortless. No more 3,4,5 triangles, string or line and no more worry, stress or inconvenience for any grounds staff. Any right angle can be marked accurately and quickly with just a few seconds set up time. Use of this system ensures that all pitches have their markings perfectly formed, and ensure that those markings are either perfectly square or straight therefore achieving a fair and uniform playing area for each respective sport.

The key advantages of the laser guided system are:
  • Quick, consistent quality
  • Quick set-up times
  • Perfectly formed straight lines
  • Perfectly formed right angles, rectangles and squares
  • No more string lines to unwind, set out, align or wind up
  • Multi surface marking capability
  • Time and labour saving
  • Automatic shut off system if the laser beam is lost.

How It Works

In just four easy steps.......

Once the lasers and reflectors are positioned, simply lock the BeamRider onto the laser beam and walk forward. The actuator automatically adjusts to remove any human error. The BeamRider can move up to 8.5  inches (22cm) and still maintain a perfect straight line.

Automatic cut off system

The BeamRider system eliminates any risk of error with the automatic cut-off system. If the operator deviates too far from the laser beam, the spray machine is switched off.

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